Becky Sawyer – Middle Grade/YA


Mermaid’s Tears

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Hannah was almost twelve years old. She thought there must be more to being a kid. You know, things like friends. Instead she only dealt with being bullied. She just wanted to be accepted. If there were something special about her, the other kids would like her. The mermaid dolls sat on the shelf in her room. Beautiful tails of aqua and gold. She had dreamed of having a mermaid tail when she was just a little kid. Who was she kidding? She still dreamed of it. That would be the one thing that would make her special. Accepted. And a wonder to the other kids. She would have friends.

Then one summer everything in her life changed. Things became magical, special, and then dangerous. The things she had dreamed of might come with a price. Will she learn that being special is not what we are on the outside, but who we are on the inside?  What will her destiny be?

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