RoseKey Publishing came into existence to better facilitate   Indie publishing of novels written by the owner, Becky Sawyer. After a year of research this became the obvious choice to become a published Author. It is RoseKey Publishing’s goal to provide guidance to other Christian authors who are searching for ways to publish their works.

The monthly Newsletter  will provide tips to authors concerning trends and general information. We are also accepting personal Devotionals or short stories to review for publication in our Newsletter. These can be submitted through the contact page.

The Kids Korner is for stories written by kids or for kids. There is also a section called Out of the Mouths of Babes. We know kids have a sweet innocent insight to many situations that ground us sometimes as parents or grandparents.

The Front Porch Sitters are for Devotionals or short stories by all those who consider themselves rocking chair advocates. Of course this could include all ages from three to a hundred and three.

Then we will have The Tweens & Young Adult section. Our young people are a fountain of unique insight into Christian life. They have stories to tell and Devotionals to share.

It is our desire to see God use his children in mighty ways. Writing is just one way that a few might be able to inspire the many.